Fragrance-Compounds for your sense

There‘s something in the air that very special smell
Motiv_Fragrance_web.jpgA fresh sea breeze, the scent of flowers or the cosy smell of timber: there is nothing that evokes emotions and memories as instantly as smells.

Our latest development is a highly concentrated fragrance master batch that enables you to give TPE a particular smell. The high scent load and compatibility of the batch ensure that this added property is preserved in the compounds.

Using fragrances – customised for your products
With our innovative solution, you choose the smell you wish to create and the intensity of the scent of your product. It is entirely up to you to decide how much fragrance master batch in granule form you want to add to your TPE compound. There are two approaches. You can...

  • prepare a „salt and pepper mix“ that you then add to your injection moulding or extrusion machine
  • or add the master batch from a separate dosing unit during processing.

We will assist you in finding the best solution for your specific product.

You can of course adjust the mixture to your liking to achieve an optimum scent and fragrance concentration. Our master batches are particularly easy to process and offer a much greater process safety than pastes, powders or liquid additives.

A question of creativity

Add a slight scent of vanilla to a skin care product jar or produce a steering wheel cover with a warm leather smell - there are virtually no limits to what you can do with our new fragrance compounds. They cover virtually every scent for an unlimited range of applications, including...

  •  cosmetic products
  •  hygiene products
  •  household goods
  •  home furnishings
  •  packaging
  •  accessories and kits, for example in cars
  •  and much more.

Production with TPE: Flexibility is the trump card

With our new fragrance master batch, you can add any scent to your products, including polyolefins, and adjust it to suit your requirements. As the batch contains the scented oil in a high concentration, you need only minute quantities. The batches therefore do not take up any storage space. Whether scented or not, you will of course continue benefiting from the advantages that thermoplastic elastomers have to offer for your production, such as…

  •  smooth, soft-touch surfaces
  •  optimum sealing properties
  •  excellent tensile strength and elongation at break properties
  •  customised hardness
  •  adhesion of the various hard components
  •  high transparency and easy dying in any colour

Advantages at a glance

  •  Suitable for enhancement with fragrances
  •  Hardness range from 0 shore A to 66 shore D (super-soft to super-hard)
  •  Excellent mechanical properties
  •  Optimum transparency, even for bonding compounds
  •  Two component injection moulding with different thermoplastic materials such as ABS, PC, PC/ABS, POM, etc.
  •  Versatile in-house dying options
  •  Unrivalled UV, ozone and weather resistance
  •  Compounds with barrier properties, specially suitable for packaging
  •  Free of latex, PVC and heavy metals
  •  Recyclable
  •  Extrusion-optimised materials, also suitable for hot-melt processing

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