Injection moulding


Coinjection moulding

Injection moulding

Machine specifications:
Standard injection moulding machine

Compression ratio: at least 2:1
L/D ratio: at least 20

Guideline processing parameters:
Melt temperature: 180 - 220° C (355 - 425°F); max. 250° C (480°F)
Mould temperature: 25 - 40° C (75 - 105° F)
Injection rate: high
Hold pressure: if possible, none

Balanced gate system:
Gate point: Diameter 0,4 to 0,6 mm (0,016-0,024 in.), max. 1,0 mm (0,039 in.)
Gate types: Pin gate, submarine gate, film gateVenting: 0,01 - 0,02 mm (0,0004-0,001 in.) vent channels
Mould surface: eroded
Ejectors: large-area ejectors

Please always note:
Soft materials may be compressed, resulting in overfilling.

The excellent flow characteristics of THERMOLAST® K compounds may cause obstruction of vents and therefore air entrapment.

Comprehensive information are available in PDF format:
Machine (PDF 119KB)
Processing (PDF 403KB)
Shrinkage (PDF 94KB)
Moulds (PDF 915KB)
Trouble Shooter (PDF 469KB)
Processing Guide

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Machine specifications:
Universal or polyolefin extruders with 3 screw zones

Compression ratio: min. 3.5 : 1
L/D ratio: min. 25

Guideline processing parameters:
Feedzone: 150-170° C (300-340° F)
Compression zone: 185-200° C (365-390° F)
Metering zone: 185-200° C (365-390° F)
Extruder head: 185-200° C (365-390° F)
Die: 185-210° C (365-410° F)

Simple matrix die is sufficient in most cases
Die land: max. 3-4 mm (0,12-0,16 in.)
Die temperature: 185-200° C (365-410° F)

Comprehensive information are available in PDF format:
Machine (PDF 148)
Processing (PDF 95KB)
Dies (PDF 14KB)
Coextrusion (PDF 18KB)
Trouble Shooter (PDF 119KB)

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Coinjection moulding

As hard as thermoplastic and as soft as TPE
THERMOLAST® K adheres outstandingly to diverse thermoplastics and is therefore highly suitable for time and cost-saving coinjection moulding. Our compounds are used in combination with other thermoplastics, particularly for hard-soft joints such as seals, non-slip elements and handles. Plane applications are also implemented, e.g. due to THERMOLAST® K's pleasantly soft and warm surface characteristics. New ideas and forms are being added on a daily basis.The future of innovative and successful products lies in coinjection moulding with THERMOLAST® K.

Comprehensive information are available in PDF format:
Adhesion (PDF 52KB)
Machine (PDF 25KB)
Processing (PDF 30KB)
Mould (PDF 16KB)
Trouble Shooter (PDF 32KB)
Shrinkage (PDF 32KB)
Adhesion table (PDF 32KB)

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