KRAIBURG TPE at the Chinaplas 2011

A reference in superior bonding

Guangzhou, China / Waldkraiburg, Germany, 17th May 2011.
By means of its TPE-compounds presented at the Chinaplas 2011, KRAIBURG TPE sets standards in terms of quality, service and an optimal price-performance ratio. Producers who opt for the materials of KRAIBURG TPE will get compounds which are optimally adjusted to their respective field of application.

KRAIBURG TPE’s compounds: optimal adhesion properties for any requirement
KTPE_Chinaplas_small.jpgNo matter if you want to manufacture products from the consumer segment, the medical technology or the automotive industry: KRAIBURG TPE’s thermoplastic elastomers provide the greatest possible flexibility and optimal adhesion properties on various materials. For the production of plastic panels for cars, for instance, the material of the TPE-specialist provide the best results: Even at extremely low temperatures of down to minus 40 degrees Celsius or also at extreme heat with temperatures up to 90 degrees Celsius, TPE-compounds still show the greatest possible flexibility and the best adhesion properties. This enables producers to manufacture applying injection moulding, which saves time and money. Furthermore, TPE ensure an excellent elastic recovery. Also for window glass sealings, KRAIBURG TPE compounds provide reliable sealing properties and excellent bonding to particular types of adhesive: Thus, they can be directly bound to the window glass during the overmoulding process in the injection moulding machine at a temperature up to 250 degrees Celsius. Moreover, TPE do not have to be pre-dried and cool down fast after the injection, which also reduces the cycle time.

Through the application of TPE producers therefore do not only benefit from an extended, complex functionality, but also from improved production conditions due to optimal adhesion properties. Furthermore, the application of a time and money saving multi-component process ensures a simplified logistics as well as safe and more hygienic products in comparison with assembly processes.

Global network: Best product quality, services and optimal price-performance ratio
KTPE_Chinaplas_adhesion_small.jpgAt KRAIBURG TPE collaboration does not end after the development of the compounds. Customers are also attended by TPE-experts during the production process: by means of consulting service during the processing, for instance, or during tool construction. It does not matter whether the customer produces in Europe, in the Far East or also in South America, because the company operates on a global level. Due to three production sites in Germany, the USA and Malaysia as well as numerous sales offices offering technical and commercial support, KRAIBURG TPE is able to respond to customer requirements within a very short period of time and to guarantee uniform quality standards worldwide. And all these advantages are offered at an optimal price-performance ratio. In China KRAIBURG TPE operates in two separate sales offices: Hongkong is responsible for the South of China and Shanghai is responsible for Central and North China.Market cultivation takes place worldwide exclusively through teams of experts. They are specialised in the demands of customers from the sectors automotive, consumer or medical technology as well as from industry.

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KRAIBURG TPE ( manufactures thermoplastic elastomers based on HSBC (hydrogenated styrene block copolymers) and markets them all around the world. In addition to custom solutions, the company offers under the THERMOLAST® brand name a broad spectrum of standardized compounds to cover a wide range of applications. With its high-performance HIPEX® compound, KRAIBURG TPE is opening up the world of rubber for all the companies that process thermoplastics. The TPE specialist has production sites in Germany, the USA and Malaysia. The sales organization covers Great Britain, France, Italy, Spain, China and India.

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