THERMOLAST® W – a unique technology

TPE are typically slippery when wet, however, thanks to a new technology and highly evolved manufacturing process, our developers have managed to create this unique property KRAIBURG TPE’s THERMOLAST® W compounds. The pleasant feel and firm grip don‘t change even when wet and no feeling as would be experienced with other technologies. With „Wet Grip“ compounds from KRAIBURG TPE you have a firm grip on things from the beginning, even when they‘re wet – whether in rain, in the shower, in the pool or at work.

Higher coefficient of friction - improved gripKTPE_THERMOLASTW.jpg
Thanks to this new technology, THERMOLAST® W compounds have three times the coefficient of friction of conventional TPEs, and remarkably, the „Wet Grip“ effect will not dissipate over time - and is therefore a permanent feature of the compound.

Versatile in use – new selling points
In all objects intended for hand-held use, product design is not the only major factor, but also the object‘s tactile qualities. Our TPE solution „Wet Grip“ helps you to achieve unique product performance which can set your product apart from the competition – and enable you to offer your customers agenuine practical advantage.

The possible uses for „Wet Grip“ are diverse and wide-ranging and could potentially include the following application areas:
  • Anti-slip mats, suitable for the swimming pool or bathtub
  • Handles in the construction industry, such as for tools
  • Fitness equipment, sporting and outdoor products, for example hand grips for ski poles or walking sticks,
    fishing gear handles, grips on exercise machines etc…
  • The catering trade, e.g. serving trays
  • Orthopaedic aids such as crutches
  • All gripping applications, especially where surface moisture is present, e.g. kitchen utensils
  • Toys
  • Watercraft or marine applications



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