Excellent quality is one of our key concerns, as it has made us the leading supplier in the international market. Thanks to our comprehensive quality concept, we are in a position to provide top-class products that meet the needs of our customers, who can rely on us.

apostrophy.gif KRAIBURG TPE follows the principle of „Getting better every day!apostrophy.gif
Franz Hinterecker, CEO KRAIBURG TPE

This quality management approach enables us to develop innovative products and to continuously improve our performance, as all our employees are fully dedicated to the highest standards. Constant high quality is also our key concern when choosing suppliers. Our certificate according to ISO 9001 demonstrates our commitment to high quality.

Apart from quality, we offer technical know-how, expert advice and unrivalled customer service.

These certificates document our successful auditing:
Confirms the application and further development of an effective Management System:

  • Quality Management System ISO 9001
  • Enviromental Management System ISO 14001
  • Energy Management System ISO 50001

 KTPE_ISO9001_2017_eng_pic.jpg KTPE_ISO14001_2017_eng_pic.jpg KTPE_ISO50001_2017_eng_pict.jpg

Here you can download the certificates:

ISO 9001, Germany
ISO 14001, Germany
ISO 50001, Germany

ISO 9001, USA
ISO 14001, USA

ISO 9001, Malaysia
ISO 14001, Malaysia


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