Baby products made safer with TPEs from KRAIBURG TPE

KRAIBURG TPE introduces its latest THERMOLAST®K TPE series for baby applications. The compound series features material advantages that are ideal for a wide range of baby products applications.


Babies explore their surroundings by putting objects within their reach into their mouths. Doing so allows them to taste and feel the texture of the objects. Just as babies are learning about their world, it is therefore important that the products and toys given to babies are made with quality food-safe materials.


The presence of hazardous materials, which have been found in common baby items, has driven consumers as well as product manufacturers to be more vigilant in choosing safe material solutions.


KRAIBURG TPE responds to this requirement, taking into account global standards for food regulations such as the EU Directive 10/2011, as well as the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Title 21, during the compound development stage of the new TPE series for baby product applications. These selected compounds are additionally conform to the EN71/3 European safety standard for toys.


Baby products made saferTPEs for worry-free baby toys

When selecting TPE materials for rattles, teething rings, bath toys or grip toys, attention should be given to dispensing with any harmful material such as heavy metals, plastic softener, etc.


Highly safe material for baby items is the highlight of KRAIBURG TPE’s new THERMOLAST® K TPE series.

The FC/CS Series provides an excellent compression set. Available in translucent colors, the FC/CS Series features excellent mechanical properties, adhesion to PP, high elasticity, and perfect surface that are ideal for typical applications, including but not limited to, closures, flexible connections, household articles, membranes, packaging (for food and care products), seals, and valves.


The FC/AP Series is a natural-colored and translucent material solution for applications with food contact. The halogen-free series features excellent adhesion to PP, outstanding mechanical properties, and extremely good processing behavior.  Typical applications range from grip applications; household articles; packaging; razors; seals; toothbrushes, toys and more. The FC/AP Series offers a pleasant surface feel (soft touch). Both TPE series can be processed via extrusion and injection molding. Should molders produce products from a combination of hard/soft materials, babies will not be able to separate these materials because of the strong adhesion. This is one of the unique highlights of KRAIBURG TPE’s materials.  The TPEs are safe for babies because the materials are strong and, thus, minimize the risk of babies accidentally swallowing the small individual pieces of a product.


Learning with colors the safe way

Babies learn to see over a period of time, much like they learn to walk and talk. As their color vision begins to develop, babies will be more aware of different colors. Picking essential baby items such as toys, teethers and sippy cups with colors that appeal to the babies will help in their cognitive development.


KRAIBURG TPE offers comprehensive solutions that enable customization of compound colorization, according to a desired color, and in the most economical and optimal way possible; at the same time assuring of a worldwide consistent color quality.


Focus on total customer satisfaction

KRAIBURG TPE offers a wide range of TPE products and custom solutions that cater to multiple industries.  Moreover, it extends a service package designed to provide support throughout the entire process: from technical expertise on customized compound modification; and individual advisory from its competent and market specific experts and worldwide onsite representations; to one-of-a-kind customer service support for a worry-free sales and service process.


KRAIBURG TPE measures its success by customer satisfaction through a unique quality concept that takes people, processes and products into account, centred on exceptional, high quality and custom-engineered compounds.



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