Major Step Forward in Cell Tower Communication Boots

New TPE compound for demanding industrial outdoor use

KTPE_PR_Industry.jpgKRAIBURG TPE has unveiled an advanced new compound of its proven THERMOLAST® K UV/LD/b series tailored to the needs of demanding outdoor applications for building and construction, electrical engineering and electronics as well as automotive. In addition to high UV resistance, the new grade combines excellent mechanical and thermal properties with outstanding adhesion to polyolefins and exceptional surface finish.

The new thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) compound was specially engineered to provide significant benefits to OEMs and suppliers within mobile communications infrastructure. As a first application, it has been specified for overmolding the interface of co-axial cables and metal connectors, used in outdoor installations at cell towers, with a rugged, UV and moisture resistant boot.

“There is a growing demand for high-performance thermoplastics elastomers in industrial outdoor applications,” says Kevin Gase, Director Sales & Marketing Americas for KRAIBURG TPE. “As a global leader in this segment, we have leveraged our extensive market expertise to expand our UV resistant portfolio and develop a product that offers a superior property profile in all aspects from efficient processability to long-term durability.”
In addition to excellent thermal and UV resistance, the new TPE compound provides a hardness of 46 Shore D and firmly positions it at the top of KRAIBURG TPE’s existing range of THERMOLAST® K UV/LD/b product family. At the same time, the material delivers the flexibility for the cable boots to ensure proper strain relief.
A further key property to be met includes optimum adhesion to polyolefin resins, such as polypropylene and low-density polyethylene.

In order to prove the exceptional, long-lasting surface finish provided by the compound, its ageing behavior was tested according to VW PV 3930, a demanding automotive standard commonly applied during master sample approvals. The test simulates the effects of long-term weathering and solar irradiation in hot and humid climate regions, such as Florida. The results showed no significant discoloration or loss of gloss.

The new UV resistant THERMOLAST® K compound is commercially available worldwide. It can easily be custom-colored and processed using standard molding equipment.

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