TPEs for Consumer Electronic and Automotive Markets in Vietnam

KRAIBURG TPE at Plastic & Rubber Vietnam 2018

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KRAIBURG TPE will be showcasing the latest innovative TPEs – with successful design and functional applications specifically aimed at the consumer and consumer electronics, packaging, and Automotive sectors – at Plastic & Rubber Vietnam 2018, in Hall A, Booth G8 from 20 to 22 March 2018.

New THERMOLAST® K - for consumer electronic applications

For consumer electronics applications, the (VS/AD/HM) series offers silky, satin-smooth surfaces with excellent scratch and abrasion resistance, superb processing properties with strong resistance against chemicals tested and used in the consumer electronics industry. Ideal applications include wearable accessories, game console controllers, remote controls, protective covers for mobile devices, and cosmetics packaging.

New THERMOLAST® K- EPDM Adhesion series for automotive exterior

For automotive applications, the EPDM Adhesion (AD/EPDM/UV) Series offers high UV and weather resistance, optimal adhesion to EPDM, short cooling times, low coefficient of friction, heat resistance up to 90°C, easy flowing and processing. It is ideal for automotive exterior applications such as window trims and sealing profiles with moulded TPE corner joints/molding, door sills, glass run channels, window encapsulations, and end elements.

KRAIBURG TPE’s measure of success

KRAIBURG TPE measures its success by customer satisfaction through a unique quality concept that takes people, processes and products into account and centered on exceptional, high quality and custom-engineered compounds. It further adds value to customers by its commitment to technical expertise, individual advisory, and excellent customer service.
The company’s motto “KRAIBURG TPE, Custom-engineered TPE and more” quite literally takes customers’ challenges as its own, and goes the extra mile to stay right by the customer’s side via:
•    Best customer service
•    Expert support
•    International network
•    Best and highest standards of product quality worldwide – ensuring and rewarding customers with the global service package offered.

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