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KRAIBURG TPE supplies compounds for Goldwell pump dispensers

Due to the chemical resistance and the elasticity of THERMOLAST® K products, the Kao Germany GmbH produces pump dispensers made of thermoplastic elastomers by KRAIBURG TPE. The material is applied as membrane for a hair coloration of the brand Goldwell.

Waldkraiburg, June 2013. The brand Goldwell exclusively supplies hair care products and hair colorations as well as service to hairdressers. For their professional users, they design only products meeting the highest requirements. That this is also the case for the packaging is shown by the newest application with THERMOLAST® K compounds: in an ingenious pump dispenser, they ensure that hairdressers are able to apply the hair color evenly by means of pressure on the membranes. “Due to the chemical composition of the hair colorations as well as the high mechanical stress during the application, we needed a material for the membrane inside the application system, which is of such a high quality that it is able to withstand these high demands. At the same time, the materials have to meet European regulations concerning food contact, which also apply to our hair care products”, says Sebastian Kraus, Manager Packaging Development at the company Kao Germany, which is owner of the brand Goldwell.
Moreover, the THERMOLAST® K compounds do not pose danger to the health of its users in the hairdressing trade: the TPE are free from PAHs, phthalates and allergens as well as RoHS- and REACH-compliant.

Efficient and clean production
The pump dispensers are produced in a 2-component injection molding process. Compared to usual assembly steps, this saves valuable time as well as production costs. „We have already collaborated successfully with KRAIBURG TPE in previous projects several times. That is why it did not take us long to choose the THERMOLAST® K product series as a suitable TPE for our application system“, says Sebastian Kraus from Kao Germany. Together with Kao and the mold maker, KRAIBURG TPE optimally adjusted the production process to the injection molding unit in order to achieve a good adhesion to the hard component PP.

About Goldwell / Kao Germany GmbH

In German-speaking regions, Goldwell is a leading brand in hair care and coloration products exclusively for hairdressing professionals. Founded in 1948, the brand is part of the Salon Business sector of the Kao Corporation, Tokyo, which offers high-quality skin and hair care products on the global market. At the headquarters in Darmstadt, there is a modern research and development center, the production with the most modern high performance machines as well as a logistics center. Goldwell globally operates more than 40 communication centers for the training and further training of hairdressers. Today, Goldwell products are – exclusively for hairdressers – available in more than 40 countries. In 2012, the company achieved a turnover of 323 million Euro worldwide.  


KRAIBURG TPE ( manufactures thermoplastic elastomers based on HSBC (hydrogenated styrene block copolymers) and markets them all around the world. In addition to custom solutions, under the THERMOLAST® brand the company offers a broad spectrum of standardized compounds covering a wide range of applications. With its high-performance HIPEX® compound, KRAIBURG TPE is opening up the world of rubber for all thermoplastics processing companies and with the new compounds COPEC® and For-Tec E it is entering new dimensions in terms of haptics, adhesion and resistance for consumer electronics products. KRAIBURG TPE has production sites in Germany, USA and Malaysia. The sales organization covers France, Italy, Poland, Spain, China, India, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Brazil and Mexico. In further countries KRAIBURG TPE is represented by distributors.

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