TPE meets requirements of European drinking water standards

Kludi Group manufactures fittings with drinking water compliant compounds from KRAIBURG TPE

Waldkraiburg, 9 March 2011. For its latest A-QA shower range, Kludi, the leading European manufacturer of kitchen and bathroom fittings, uses thermoplastic elastomers from KRAIBURG TPE. The compounds of the DW (drinking water) series from KRAIBURG TPE meet the requirements of the European drinking water standards, including the stringent regulations that apply in Germany, the UK and France. This compliance was one of the main reasons why Kludi opted for the products from the TPE specialist based in Waldkraiburg. Kludi was also impressed by the excellent fluidity properties of the TPEs from KRAIBURG, as they allow for economical and extremely precise injection moulding. The compounds of the DW series are extremely elastic, feature a smooth surface that prevents dirt and limestone deposits and cater for attractive product designs, as all dyed versions are also compliant with the strict European drinking water standards.

Full drinking water compliance: compounds from KRAIBURG TPE
kludi_pr.jpgWhether around the house or in the food processing sector: the compounds of the DW series meet all key requirements for products that are in direct contact with drinking water. Thermoplastic elastomers from KRAIBURG TPE are mainly used in sanitary installations where we find them in seals, showerheads and design elements of fittings. Among the specialist manufacturers who use these TPEs is the Kludi Group who opted for KRAIBURG TPE compounds for its latest shower generation KLUDI A-QA. The showerhead combines ultra-flat design with the latest technology. Flexible, compact and adjustable, this innovative range gives great space for better movement in the shower and allows users to adjust the water jet to smooth, volume or booster. The material from KRAIBURG TPE ensures that the water jet is always straight, irrespective of the chosen shower option. Thanks to their excellent fluidity properties, the compounds can be applied around the hard PP components of the showerhead nozzles by means of precision injection moulding. Furthermore, the introduction of TPE did not require any changes to the production process, as the material can be injection moulded and extruded on any conventional production unit. In addition, TPE compounds provide a smooth, dirt and limestone repellent surface of a hardness of 55 Shore A and higher.These material properties and the European approval certificates obtained by KRAIBURG TPE were the key issues considered by the Kludi Group when it opted for the KRAIBURG TPE product: "The TPE compound for our hand-held showerhead must conform to the British, French and German standards for drinking water fittings," explains Guido Wiesendahl, head of R&D at Kludi.

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About Kludi

The Kludi GroupThe Kludi Group (, a German family company with headquarters in Menden, Westphalia, develops and manufactures modern kitchen and bathroom fittings, health care fittings and accessories. Among the many milestones in the history of the company established in 1926 is the patented multi-battery fitting first launched in 1968, which allows for the connection of dishwashers and/or washing machines in combination with an integrated stop valve. Kludi employs more than 1000 people in five European plants and two factories outside Europe. It operates sales agencies in Austria, the Netherlands, France, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Russia, China and India.

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