The characteristic features of THERMOLAST® A compounds are improved UV resistance and excellent adhesion to PC, ABS and PC/ABS. In addition, the compounds offer great scratch resistance and enhanced haptics. This makes the product particularly suitable for automotive applications or the production of tool handles.  

THERMOLAST® A at a glance
  • Good UV and weather resistance even under extreme conditions
  • Excellent adhesion to PC and ABS
  • Better chemical resistance than THERMOLAST® K
  • Better scratch resistance than THERMOLAST® K
  • 40 - 80 Shore A in black and natural colors
  • Suitable for injection molding and extrusion
  • Ideal for automotive applications

The compounds of this group consist of a polymer blend of pre-cross-linked acrylate copolymers and TPC. Depending on the desired hardness, the continuous phase is substituted. For soft materials, it consists of the copolymer. For hard versions, TPC is used. As the copolymer is pre-cross-linked, no further cross-linking occurs during the processing in the extruder.


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