Publication: Jan 30, 2023 Last updated: Feb 06, 2023

Well-equipped against heat and oil: The TPV solution from KRAIBURG TPE

Everything that engine-related applications desire: maximum performance in transmissions and oils, resistance in fuels and performance in coolants.

The demands on materials in the powertrain are high, - thus, traditional solutions often rely on rubber, because it has proven itself despite limitations in machining and processing.

Thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPV), a subcategory of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), are enjoying growing popularity. In principle, TPVs are thermoplastically processable materials consisting of a thermoplastic and a crosslinked elastomer.


The TPV solution from KRAIBURG TPE, HIPEX®, comes into its own where alternatives reach their limits - especially when high demands are made on resistance to oil and heat. 150 °C continuous operating temperature? No problem!

The quality compound has been tried and tested over many years and is particularly suitable for applications in the automotive industry, in plant engineering and in mechanical engineering.

Due to its integration within the TPE materials, HIPEX® offers a range of modification options that make it attractive for many application scenarios. This customizability is rounded off not only by the wide range of coloring options, but also by the KRAIBURG TPE service package: regardless of the project phase customers are in, we are happy to provide support in choosing the right compound, gladly on site.


KRAIBURG TPE pursues the goal of providing more sustainable TPE alternatives. Therefore, HIPEX® is suitable for in-process recycling as well as end-of-life.

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