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Excellent weatherproof TPE material for automotive exterior application

KRAIBURG TPE offers a new series of thermoplastic elastomers that were specially developed for excellent weathering resistant with PP adhesion and UV resistance in automotive applications.  The new compounds of the THERMOLAST® K family are intended primarily for automotive exterior applications such as water deflectors, window encapsulation and so on.

Plastics used in exterior automotive applications can be exposed to severe weather influences.  Especially on vehicles. These applications often require a weatherproof plastic material that can withstand the negative impact of ultraviolet radiation can have on visual appearance and mechanical properties of automotive parts.  Therefore, it is usually wise for weatherproof plastics to be somewhat UV resistant, since UV radiation can have an especially high impact on materials used outdoors.


Resistance to weathering and bonding to PP

The latest THERMOLAST® K UV/HF/SF series distinguishes itself by an extreme UV and weathering resistance as well as its bonding to PP. The thermoplastic elastomers can be processed to a precise and even surface without welding line. This is achieved due to the excellent flow properties of the TPE. These TPE compounds are processed easily and precisely by 2-component injection molding. In this processing step, they make a very good bonding to the hard component PP. By means of a multi-component injection molding process the best bonding property are achieved; additional assembly steps are no longer necessary, and the cycle time of the component is reduced.

Passes weathering test such as Kalahari & Florida test

UV/HF/SF THERMOLAST® K provides a broad spectrum of benefits, such as increasing the value of a design, economic processing and an expansion of product functions. They meet the typical requirements of automotive sectors, including two years cycles of PV 3929 - artificial weathering in dry hot climate (Kalahari) and PV 3930 - artificial weathering in a humid hot climate (Florida).  This eventually allows more possible exterior application for automotive sector which will need a good resistance to ever-changing weather in Asa Pacific region, to ensure the vehicle can have better performance in longer time and hence, saving up user’s cost in maintenance of the vehicle.

Focus on total customer satisfaction

KRAIBURG TPE in innovating materials that satisfy market criteria by measures its success by customer satisfaction through a unique quality concept that takes people, processes and products into account, centered on exceptional, high quality and custom-engineered compounds.

Exceptional, high-quality, and custom-engineered compounds are our foundation.  To support our customers in every way, we offer much more by way of technical expertise, individual advisory, and one-of-a-kind customer service. KRAIBURG TPE always takes the extra steps to stay right by your side.

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