A game-changing material solution

KRAIBURG TPE reaches out to the sports equipment sector

The sports equipment industry is growing globally as more people take up sports and recreational activities due to the growing health awareness in addition to managing stress. Manufacturers are innovating new equipment featuring the latest materials, with KRAIBURG TPE’s THERMOLAST® K suitable for a variety of sports equipment.

An active lifestyle is becoming a new normal in countries worldwide, with work-oriented and adventure-driven consumers driving this trend. This segment has recalibrated the life-work balance aspirations to include sports and health activities in regular routines, thus boosting the demand for sports equipment.

The fitness and outdoor recreation accessories exhibit high performance, durability, comfort, safety, and aesthetically pleasing designs. To fulfill these requirements, manufacturers are benchmarking advanced technologies and materials in developing new and innovative products.

A game-changing material solution
KRAIBURG TPE, a global manufacturer of a wide range of thermoplastic elastomer products and custom-engineered solutions for multiple industries, offers high quality compounds to suit the requirements of the sports equipment sector.

A selection of the THERMOLAST® K TPE compounds are suitable in the application of sports equipment and fitness goods. These materials deliver a smooth surface and excellent abrasion resistance that is possible for applications on such devices including, but not limited to, exercise bands, cross-trainers and handlebar grips on bicycles.

Other possible applications such as protective gear, diving fins, handles of fishing rods, hiking/ trekking poles.

Specialized series for best user experience
The SCR series is one of the THERMOLAST® K range offers a high degree of scratch resistance and excellent abrasion resistance for applications in sports equipment. It is suitable for equipment that requires a smooth surface and soft touch feel for a better hand grip in golf clubs, badminton and tennis rackets; as well as switches and push buttons on gym equipment and bicycle odometers. The SCR series also has excellent adhesion to PP and hence helps in producing durable end products.

The VS/AD/HM series, meanwhile, has a high degree of scratch resistance and very good chemical resistance against sebum and sunscreen lotions.

This compound has also passed the Chlorine-Bromine test with the result of <900 ppm.

The precise coloring properties meet the need for color enhancement of sports equipment in the current-day market. The TPE series is highly recommended for sports and wearable applications, such as wristband for smartwatches and swim watches.

Unmatched versatility
KRAIBURG TPE compounds can adhere to other materials through injection molding and multi-component injection molding, allowing for excellent adhesion to PC, ABS, PC/ABS, ASA and SAN as well as to PA6 and PA12.

As well, the thermoplastic elastomer compounds allow molders to manufacture products featuring a combination of hard and soft materials, which are not easily separated because of the strong adhesion factor. Coupled with the easy-processing advantage, these are the unique highlights of KRAIBURG TPE’s materials.  

Head-start in service
KRAIBURG TPE provides a worry-free sales and service process for its customers. To support its customers, it offers technical support by customizing and modifying compounds to suit the requirements; providing technical advice on applications.

Customers can also browse through the KRAIBURG TPE website for the latest online database, with relevant data and information available on all the products.

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