Plastics & Rubber Vietnam 2019

Meet KRAIBURG TPE at Plastics & Rubber Vietnam (Hanoi) 2019

KRAIBURG TPE is showcasing its latest developments and TPE material solutions at the upcoming PLASTICS & RUBBER VIETNAM, to be held from 27 to 29 November 2019, at the I.C.E., Hanoi, Vietnam, at Booth F12.

Quality and versatility in TPEs for consumer applications
In recent years, regulatory requirements and consumer protection have been key in supporting the consumer market. KRAIBURG TPE has addressed this by acquiring comprehensive knowledge in the field. The company has built up a wide range of TPE products and custom solutions that match customer requirements, to ensure that the customer’s product will achieve its objective in the highly competitive consumer products industry. The sectors covered include personal care and hygiene products, household items, office supplies, toys and sport articles, cosmetic and food packaging.

In terms of safety, shoring up KRAIBURG TPE’s commitment to customer satisfaction and assurance, its TPE products comply with global regulations and standards, including the EU (No 10/2011), and the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Title 21, EN 71/ 3. KRAIBURG TPE’s compounds also adhere to the GuoBiao (GB) 4806-2016 standard in China.

Innovative TPE solutions for consumer electronics
In today’s consumer electronics sector, design features like surface feel, scratch resistance, resistance to oils and chemicals, and skin-safe contact are becoming standards to achieving consumer satisfaction.

The THERMOLAST® K, For Tec E® and COPEC® are ideal TPE materials solutions. The selection of TPE compounds feature an exceptionally silky and velvety surface, a high degree of scratch and abrasion resistance properties, resistance against skin oil, and oil applied on skins, like sunscreens and moisturizer. The TPE compounds also feature good weathering resistance, making them an ideal material solution for applications that require semi-outdoor and outdoor use.  Moreover, the compounds offer excellent adhesion to PC, ABS, PC/ABS, ASA and SAN as well as to PA6, PA6.6 and PA12, including color stability, which eases the coloring process when colored materials are requested for this series.

Underscoring the safety of use, a selection of the THERMOLAST® K, For Tec E® and COPEC® series is certified in accordance to the UL94 HB flammability test.

Typical applications include smartwatches, watch bands, mobile phones, controllers, audio devices, remote controls, virtual reality devices and other consumer electronic applications.

Also, on show at Hanoi will be an impressive TPE portfolio and custom-engineered solutions for consumer, industry, automotive and medical applications.

KRAIBURG TPE offers much more than just compounds, with technical expertise, individual consultation and one-on-one service for its customers.

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