TPE compounds with recycling content

The RC/UV series excels at exterior automotive applications and contains up to 40% of post-industrial recycled materials.


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Plastics play a decisive role in establishing a circular economy as the recyclability of the materials makes a positive contribution to any project. We support OEMs in taking first steps in this direction.

Our Know-how – Your Advantage

The RC/UV series is your material solution with a hardness dependent post-industrial recycled content of 20-40 % for applications requiring UV resistance and adhesion to PP. 
The compounds are suitable for automotive exterior applications and are available in black. 

  • Recycled content of min. > 20 %
  • Weather resistant, suitable for automotive exterior 
  • Adhesion to PP
  • Low density 
  • Temperature stability up to 90 °C
  • Hardness range from 50 to 90 Shore A 
Fact Sheet Automotive Exterior Applications with Highest Post-Industrial Recycled Content pdf / 0,79 MB

”With our new RC/UV range, we meet the OEMs‘ sustainability requirements of at least 20 %. We are sure that our customers will benefit greatly from the possibility of using recycling-based TPEs, and together we can develop innovative component solutions or make existing systems environmentally friendly. Together, we are taking the first steps towards a circular economy.”

Matthias Michl

Head of Automotive Application Development 

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