To make sure that users - whether in a private or commercial environment - can concentrate fully on the essentials, our TPE solutions ensure that the machines can be operated safely, easily and conveniently. Because in addition to the quality of the bean, the perfect hot beverage also depends on many details - and to guarantee that these fit, professionals rely on materials by KRAIBURG TPE:
Non-slip and color-resistant feet are a must for safety, and precisely fitting funnel solutions ensure convenient and safe bean filling completely without abrasion.

The push buttons must be visually appealing, optionally with backlighting effect and score points haptically - and of course enable easy operation.  The high-quality milk hoses also play a central role, because the milk supply must remain clean at all times.

Do you have individual wishes? Feel free to contact us and together we will find a solution that suits you and your product.

advantages at a glance

Tested and approved

Food Contact:

  • Takes established market requirements into account
  • Meets established requirements in the food sector 
  • Conformity according to Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011
  • Raw material conformity US FDA CFR 21 
    • GB 4806-2016
    • REACH and RoHS
  • Free of latex, PVC, phthalates or heavy metals 
  • Very good organoleptic properties 

KRAIBURG TPE offers the complete package:
Technical consulting, regulatory support, and innovative and custom-fit solution finding. On request, we can also supply a material solution that fits multiple applications at once.

Possible material properties:

  • Pleasant haptics
  • Hardness ranges from 30 Shore A to 90 Shore A
  • Alternative to silicone
  • Insensitive to many cleaning agents 
  • Dishwasher Safe – Easy to Clean
  • Backlight effect possible – Black transparent  
  • Excellent design possibilities: 
    • Translucent and transparent setting is possible 
    • Wide range of in-house coloring is possible
  • Easy processability: 
    • Economical processing in single-component and multi-component injection molding as well as in co-extrusion processes
  • Adhesion to a wide range of thermoplastics, such as PP, PE, ABS, PC, PC/ABS, PA, etc. 
  • In-process recycling

TPE for Reusable Travel Mugs 

The specially selected compounds are your material solution for application scenarios in coffee and tea travel mugs. Due to their excellent haptics, good sealing options and slip resistance, they are the perfect choice. The compounds are available in different hardnesses and multiple colors.

Fact Sheet TPE for Reusable Travel Mugs pdf / 0,46 MB

”Reusable coffee mugs are the ideal environmentally friendly alternative. Banderoles and seals are essential for the quality and user-friendliness of the cup. With our compounds you can achieve a non-slip and pleasant feel.“

M.A. Yvonne Stockhammer
Application Specialist / Market Manager Consumer



Discover many additional possibilities with KRAIBURG TPE

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