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KRAIBURG TPE to showcase TPEs for innovative OEM-automotive applications at CHINAPLAS 2021

KRAIBURG TPE will be highlighting the multi-faceted benefits of THERMOLAST® K TPE compounds, which are widely approved by major automotive OEMs for exterior and interior automotive applications at the upcoming CHINAPLAS, to be held from 13-16 April 2021, at Shenzhen World Exhibition and Conventional Center, China, at Hall 17, Booth A31.

Fresh, vibrant finish for interiors 
KRAIBURG TPE’s THERMOLAST® K TPE compounds offer good scratch and abrasion resistance for an array of interior applications, including floor mats, cup holders, door sill panels, cable sleeves, thumb wheels and more. They also satisfy the low emission and odor requirements defined in Fogging  DIN75201 and Ordor VDA270 standards. 

With the ability to render precise material color matching, the THERMOLAST® K TPE compounds ensure vibrant hues for vehicle interiors, plus meet the color-fast requirement to ensure colors will not fade easily. The TPE compounds provide a pleasant surface feel with their soft-touch elements. Also, the TPE compounds reduce disturbing ratting and creaking noises when used for damping elements.

The TPE compounds are on par with OEM requirements namely, 03-10-104 (Renault) | B62 0300 (PSA) | DBL 5562 (Daimler) |GMW 15702, GMW 17374, GMW 14722 (GM) | GS 93042 (BMW) | MS-DC-242 (FCA) | STJLR.51.5306 (JLR) | TM-1010 (Tesla) | VW 50123 (VW) |WSS-M2D507 (Ford).

As well, KRAIBURG TPE will be showcasing its latest automotive interior AD1/AP series. This latest TPE series displays superior adhesion to polar-type thermoplastics, including PC and ABS, as well as showcasing smooth and soft surface quality. It meets the requirement of the low emission standard for automotive interiors. Furthermore, the TPE series meets manufacturers’ demands for cost effectiveness.
All-weather, lightweight TPE for exterior applications
KRAIBURG TPE’s THERMOLAST® K TPE compounds for automotive exterior applications, which include window encapsulation, water deflector, side mirror gasket and sealing for brake lights, feature high surface quality, and excellent flow properties.
This lightweight TPE, possessing a density of <0.8g/cm³, also exhibits good weathering resistance, having passed weathering tests such as the Kalahari and Florida tests. As well, it displays multiple adhesions to polymers including PP, PP+30% glass fiber, SAN, ASA, PMMA, PC/ABS, PA6 and EPDM+PP.

The THERMOLAST® K TPE compound series meets OEM approval from global automotive majors including 03-10-104 (Renault)| B62 0300 (PSA) |DBL 5562, DBL 5422 (Daimler) |GMW 15702, GMW 16233 (GM) |GS 93042 (BMW) |MS-DC-242 (FCA) |STJLR.51.5306 (JLR) |TM-1010 (Tesla) |VW 50123, TL 52622 (VW) |WSS-M2D505 |WSS-M2D517 (Ford). 

For more information, please email us or visit our website by scanning the QR Code below. For professional technical support and sales enquiries, do drop by our booth at Hall 17, Booth A31 at CHINAPLAS 2021 Shenzhen. 

Stay tuned for the latest news on TPEs in automotive applications. Do follow us on WeChat for more news.

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