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December 04, 2018

KRAIBURG TPE achieves new Asia Pacific milestone with additional production line


October 29, 2018

KRAIBURG TPE bridges the China Market with WeChat


October 23, 2018

KRAIBURG TPE expands TPE portfolio for soft-touch surfaces

Low-emission, low-odor, and UV-resistant compounds that are easy to process ...mais

September 05, 2018

THERMOLAST® K enables aesthetic and ergonomic toothbrush grip

KRAIBURG TPE Scores a Victory with The First Thai Brush ...mais

July 20, 2018

Innovative TPE for Dental Bracket Covers


July 12, 2018

TPE portfolio for automotive and consumer applications expanded

Outstanding processing, adhesion and surface properties ...mais

June 19, 2018

New type of cosmetics packaging with TPE

TPE makes new mascara container flexible ...mais

June 06, 2018

Self-extinguishing material for components with wall thicknesses starting from 1.5 mm


May 29, 2018

Making bio-based TPEs using a modular system


May 16, 2018

Just Turn the Dial


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