Commemorating a decade of KRAIBURG TPE presence in India

KRAIBURG TPE celebrates 10 years of success in the Indian market

This year marks the 10th year of continuous growth and success for KRAIBURG TPE, the global specialist in thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) compounding in the Indian and Sri Lanka markets, through KRAIBURG TPE Private Limited in India. To support both markets, the company operates offices in Bangalore, Delhi, Pune and Ahmedabad.

KPTE_10Years_KTIND_small.jpgA decade of growth and success

Although officially registered in 2006, KRAIBURG TPE India regularized its operations only in 2007 when it began doing business in the country through a representative based in Mumbai. The India office subsequently hired its first sales manager in the country to liaise with local customers and to establish connections with the medical and consumer markets in the Southern and Northern India regions as well.
In 2012, KRAIBURG TPE India took a major step forward in expanding its business when it established its own operations office and warehouse facility in Bangalore, and even deployed a sales team to Pune and Delhi.

Advancing excellence in the Indian market

KRAIBURG TPE is a global competence leader for thermoplastic elastomer compounds, offering custom-engineered and customized solutions for specific needs in the four core markets: automotive, consumer, industry and medical.

Revolutionizing medical applications

To meet India’s growing demand for TPEs for medical applications, KRAIBURG TPE offers a broad and varied portfolio of medical products, which currently no other local TPE manufacturer is offering. THERMOLAST® M products stand for highest standards and responsibility. They offer optimum safety through the KRAIBURG TPE Medical Service Package. This means compliance with clean room classifications during processing at customer’s site, guarantee of optimum raw material purity and no use of latex, PVC and phthalates. The compounds can be sterilized using customary methods and are resistant to disinfectants. Their quality is assured by external laboratories conducting extensive tests (in accordance with USP VI, ISO 10993-4, -5, -10, -11).

Creative consumer applications

For consumer applications, KRAIBURG TPE continues to expand its presence in the Indian and Sri Lanka markets by offering TPEs that meet international food compliance standards.
Aside from providing its customers with a great number of outstanding standard series, KRAIBURG TPE also provides custom-engineered products specifically designed to meet new material requirements for creative and innovative applications. This is especially true for companies that evolve and meet fast-changing consumer trends.
KRAIBURG TPE’s newly launched range of high-tech VS/AD/HM series offers silky, satin-smooth surfaces that feature high scratch and abrasion resistance as well as durability, and resistance against chemicals, specifically for consumer and consumer electronics applications.


Accelerating automotive applications

The use of TPEs in India’s automotive sectors is increasing, because of their unique product advantages. Depending on material requirements, the TPEs fulfill OEM specifications and they are used in the exterior, interior as well as in under the hood applications. Their extraordinarily high weather and UV resistance is particularly valued – especially in combination with their good flow properties. Optimized scratch resistance as well as low VOC and fogging values mean numerous interior components are made from certain series. Additionally, other formulas contain optimal sealing and vibration-damping characteristics as well as temperature, oil, and grease resistance. This profile makes them ideal for applications inside the engine compartment or in the underbody.
India’s automotive industry is moving forward at a rapid pace. Being at the forefront of innovation, we recently launched our latest AD/EPDM/UV automotive series as the preferred material solution for applications requiring UV resistance and adhesion to EPDM rubber, particularly for automotive exteriors.

Sales force market penetration strategy

The above milestones demonstrate KRAIBURG TPE’s tireless endeavors to increase its brand awareness in India, in line with the local sales activities in the country.
However, there is more yet to be done, as Mr. Aditya Purandare, Managing Director of KRAIBURG TPE India says. “The Indian market is still very fragmented with a relatively poor infrastructure and local preferences in language and culture. Owing to this, the only viable strategy is to penetrate the market with a sales force stationed locally close to potential customers.”

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