TPEs for Consumer and Medical Markets in India



KRAIBURG TPE will be showcasing the latest innovative TPEs – with successful design and functional applications specifically aimed at the consumer and consumer electronics, packaging, medical and pharmaceutical sectors – at PLASTINDIA 2018, in Hall 8, Booth D22 from 7 to 12 February 2018.

Creative consumer applications

For consumer applications, KRAIBURG TPE is continuing to expand its presence in the Indian and Sri Lankan markets by offering TPEs that meet international food compliance standards.
In addition to a large number of outstanding standard series, KRAIBURG TPE also provides custom-engineered products specifically designed to meet new material requirements for creative and innovative applications in the consumer markets.
KRAIBURG TPE’s newly launched range of high-tech VS/AD/HM series offers silky, satin-smooth surfaces that feature high scratch and abrasion resistance as well as durability and resistance against chemicals, specifically for consumer and consumer electronics applications.

Safety and service at the highest level

KRAIBURG TPE offers a broad portfolio of medical products to meet India’s growing demand for TPEs for medical applications. THERMOLAST® M compounds meet the highest quality and responsibility standards and can be used in direct contact with pharmaceuticals or even body fluids, e.g. blood. They can be sterilized using standard techniques such as gamma or beta radiation, ethylene oxide or steam.
As part of its Medical Service Package, KRAIBURG TPE guarantees product reliability and safety for all materials in the THERMOLAST® M portfolio. In addition to this quality assurance, KRAIBURG TPE’s change control process for medical and pharmaceutical technology enables the company to guarantee the formulation’s consistency and availability for two years.
The TPE compounds in the THERMOLAST® M portfolio are opening up new potential fields for medical and pharmaceutical applications, such as packaging, syringes, medical membranes and seals for infusion bags.

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