Industrial applications

THERMOLAST_V_web.jpgOur TPEs are also successfully used in the industrial sector. These materials have been specifically designed to suit the needs of the industry, and are thus particularly free-flowing and scratch-resistant, offer excellent thermal stability and good "wet grip". Due to their exceptional compression set values, TPEs are for example used in terminal protection elements. We also offer flame-retardant materials that can be extruded and are widely used in cable sheathing. In addition, we supply thermoplastic elastomers that conform to German and British drinking water regulations and can thus be used in shower heads and similar fittings.

We support our customers in finding solutions for a wide range of problems and assist them in making the right decision, for example when it comes to UL certification and approvals for drinking water applications.  

  • Great grip
  • Easy to dye
  • Good flow proprieties
  • Printable with laser without the need for preliminary treatment
  • Excellent adhesion to other technical plastics
  • Good UV resistance
  • Insulating
  • Excellent damping properties  

Typical applications:
  • Seals
  • Tool handles
  • Shower head inserts
  • Cable sheathing
  • Window profiles


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