Medical technology

medical_web.jpgWe also offer TPEs that suit the extremely stringent requirements of the medical-technical and pharmaceutical industry. Compounds developed for this sector can be sterilised and are suitable for use up to indirect contact with blood. The range of applications thus include for example syringe stoppers and medical hoses. As a supplier to the medical-technical industry over many decades, we have gained excellent experience and expertise thanks to our close contact with customers, doctors and other medical professionals. We offer our customers a unique service pack based on excellent quality, safety and reliability.  

  • High elasticity
  • Resistant to isopropanol
  • Extremely good compression set
  • Free of latex and PVC
  • Wide range of medical approvals (USP VI, ISO 10993-4, -5, -10, -11)  

Typical applications:

  • Oxygen masks
  • Medical packaging
  • Drip chambers


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