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December 04, 2018

KRAIBURG TPE achieves new Asia Pacific milestone with additional production line more

November 14, 2018

Second Skin

Breathable body protectors with lightweight padding using a flexible thermoplastic elastomer compound from KRAIBURG TPE more

October 29, 2018

KRAIBURG TPE bridges the China Market with WeChat more

October 25, 2018

Sustainable and Silent

THERMOLAST® K helps Askoll innovate the e-mobility of power-assisted bikes and electro-scooters more

October 23, 2018

KRAIBURG TPE expands TPE portfolio for soft-touch surfaces

Low-emission, low-odor, and UV-resistant compounds that are easy to process more

October 18, 2018

Surgical Instrument with Greater Comfort

LED SpA specifies THERMOLAST® M from KRAIBURG TPE for lightweight, ergonomic and reusable SURGEON Pencil S more

October 16, 2018

TPE compounds with excellent adhesion to PA

Ideal for multi-component applications with food and mouth contact more

September 05, 2018

THERMOLAST® K enables aesthetic and ergonomic toothbrush grip

KRAIBURG TPE Scores a Victory with The First Thai Brush more

August 31, 2018

KRAIBURG TPE expands TPE portfolio for consumer and packaging applications in Indonesia

KRAIBURG TPE at Indoplas 2018 more

August 31, 2018

KRAIBURG TPE expands TPE portfolio for automotive interior applications in Thailand

KRAIBURG TPE at A-Plas 2018 more


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