COPEC® - Great grip feeling and chemical resistance

Combination of feel and resistance, surface and adhesion
A complete new haptic experience differientiates COPEC® from all other plastics.
TPE for its customers. The new TPE creates a “velvety“ and “silky“ feeling, whereas the soft material is not sticky at all and it is dirt repellent.
But the comfortable touch is not the only highlight of the new TPE. COPEC® compounds also feature a resistance against skin oils and many detergents and are therefore ideal for products which are touched very frequently.

COPEC® compounds offer various advantages to users from the most different sectors: Optimal flow characteristics as well as processing via economic multi-component injection molding. Extraordinary adhesion properties on ABS, PC and PC/PBT together with COPEC®’s further material advantages make the compound an ideal solution for manifold applications, such as entertainment electronics.

COPEC® at a glance
  • 60 to 80 Shore A
  • multi-component injection molding with various thermoplastic materials, such as ABS, PC, PC/PBT, etc.
  • very good resistance against skin oil and detergents
  • various in-house coloring options
  • mechanical properties on a high level
  • low-temperature elasticity to -40 °C
  • high thermostability up to 100 °C
  • good UV-, ozone- and weather resistance
  • free from latex, PVC and heavy metals
  • Recyclable

Feel COPEC®!
We cannot explain to you the unique “velvety” and “silky“ feel in words, of course. Please ask us for COPEC® sample plates. We will gladly send you a small selection, so that you may feel the high-quality surface yourself.


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