Our goal is a TPE that will satisfy every need

Should your TPE feel soft, be non-slip and robust, printable, electrically insulating and UV-resistant? Do you require the material in three different colours, which have already been defined? You additionally desire compliance with the European toy safety standard EN71/3 and an appropriate price/performance ratio? Welcome to KRAIBURG TPE.

A high number of products, especially new ones, specify TPE material requirements which are difficult or even impossible to meet with standard compounds. This is why we not only offer our customers a multitude of outstanding standard series, but also generate their industry and product-specific TPE, i.e. the optimum TPE, together with them: Simply CUSTOM-ENGINEERED TPE AND MORE.  

  • Compound series for different applications
  • Individual compounds according to your requirements
  • unlimited design possibilities for your products
  • Excellent adhesion to nearly all thermoplastics
  • Easy to process
  • Experts who are pleased to support you
  • At home all over the world, where you need us


June, 2018 Price Adjustments of

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