For Tec E® - Chemical Resistance and Nylon bonding

For Tec E® compounds offer advantages to users from the most different sectors: various coloring options as well as the processing via economic multi-component injection molding. Extraordinary adhesion properties on PA 6.6 and many aromatic polyamides in combination with For Tec E®’s further material benefits make the compound an ideal solution for manifold applications such as entertainment electronics, power tools, plug connections, etc.

In the electronics industry there are also often additional requirements concerning the functionality and the chemical resistance as the products are touched with bare hands very frequently and therefore permanently come in contact with skin oil and other chemicals.

For Tec E® at a glance
  • > 60 Shore A
  • multi-component injection molding with an excellent adhesion to semi-aromatic Polyamides, Polyarylamids, Polyamides like PA 12, PA 6 and PA 6.6
  • very good resistance against skin oil and detergents
  • various in-house coloring options
  • mechanical properties on a high level
  • low-temperature elasticity to -40 °C
  • high thermostability up to 80 °C
  • good UV-, ozone- and weather resistance
  • free from latex, PVC and heavy metals
  • recycable


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