Advanced Performance: The TEH-HIPEX® Range


Due to their insufficient temperature resistance or their behavior towards fuels and lubricants traditional TPE materials have often not been the first choice of engineers, component managers or producers. With HIPEX® materials from KRAIBURG TPE, engines, drive or cooling units of all kinds can now benefit from their advantages.

The sought-after properties of HIPEX® compounds are made possible by their formulation. With the proven, flexible TEH technology platform, a wide range of possible combinations of elastomer and thermoplastic can be selected. HIPEX® compounds produced with TEH technology thus bridge the gap between thermoplastic elastomers and elastomers, closing a performance gap that had existed for decades.


TEHs are the alternative to common rubber solutions with the advantage of efficient thermoplastic processability.

  • Technology platform for advanced TPE materials based on various elastomers/thermoplastic combinations
  • Application-engineered materials solutions
  • Options for two-component injection molding (PA, PBT, PP)
  • No post-processing required
  • Recyclability


Alternative to elastomers, providing outstanding advantages

  • Cycle time reduction compared to elastomers (no vulcanization required)
  • Multi-component injection molding with mechanical anchoring
  • Reduced part weight (lower density)
  • No post-treatment (tempering or deburring)

Advanced performance level for TPEs

  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Heat stability up to 150°C working temperature (depending on chemical base)
  • Chemical resistance against oil, grease, lubricants and fuels (depending on chemical base)
  • Shore A range

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