TPEs optimize home entertainment pleasure

KRAIBURG TPE, a recognized global leader in superior TPE compounds, offers the THERMOLAST® K FR/AP and VS/AD/HM series of compounds for home entertainment device applications to impart flammability-safety, soft-feel surface, and consistent coloration.

Home entertainment technologies are elevating our notion of home comforts when it comes to consuming audio-visual contents.  

There has also been a shift in how people relax, with entertainment consumers spending more time indoors, consuming content in the comfort of their homes or while in transit inside their personal vehicles (as an extension of their homes) via computers, handheld devices or regular entertainment media.

It is for all these reasons that various formats for accessing content are gaining traction, including online streaming, pay-per-view, digital subscriptions, and time-shifted programming.

Meanwhile, the increasing share of connected, smart technologies in audio-visual entertainment platforms is transforming the standards of convenience and overall user experience in content consumption.   

The design of home entertainment devices is an important brand differentiator.  Manufacturers are latching onto the latest trends in design, color, finish and technology-capabilities of their products. Innovative materials such as thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) tick off all the boxes.  

KRAIBURG TPE, a global TPE manufacturer of a wide range of thermoplastic elastomer products and custom solutions for multiple industries, offers high quality and custom-engineered TPE compounds that enable manufacturers to expand their flexibility in designing the end-products in the home entertainment sector.  

Safety advantage of flame-proof materials
KRAIBURG TPE’s flame retardant FR/AP series is self-extinguishing, giving the assurance that there is no release of burning droplets.

With the availability of coloration and excellent adhesion to other plastic materials such as PP, the compounds are widely used in electrical and electronics devices.

Thus, the FR/AP series compounds are suitable for application in electrical components such as cable clips, cable holders, and sealing for audio systems.

Soft-touch surface applications
Home entertainment systems, such as video and audio equipment, often require materials that are durable, with a soft-touch feel and to be suitable for high contact with human skin.

KRAIBURG TPE’s VS/AD/HM series is perfectly suited for soft-touch, velvety feel surfaces. The compounds exhibit excellent adhesion to ABS, ASA, PA, PC, PC/ABS and SAN and offer resistance to abrasion, scratch, skin oils and other skin-contact substances.  

This series is suitable to be applied on remote controls, push buttons, switches, thumb wheels, and functional and design elements in audio systems.


Consistent and high quality colorability of TPEs
KRAIBURG TPE provides customized solutions for colored TPEs, with color quality that is guaranteed to be consistent worldwide. Various tests are carried out to ensure the quality assurance of the color quality on TPEs.  

KRAIBURG TPE recreates all colors with high color precision for all productions in a sample and product series.

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