What's the Product carbon footprint (PCF) of your TPE?

Find out how many emissions your KRAIBURG TPE material produces and learn how to offset and reduce them long term.

e.g. TP8VCN

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Calculate and reduce your product carbon footprint


Since 2022, KRAIBURG TPE has been able to provide customers with fully comprehensive information on the product carbon footprint of many TPE compounds. The PCF quantifies the CO2e footprint with the cradle-to-gate system boundaries. It calculates the Global Warming Potential (GWP) caused by a product, from raw material extraction through product manufacture to the factory gate. This value is required by producers to calculate the carbon footprints of their components and is passed on to their customers. KRAIBURG TPE strives for transparency in the calculation and calculates it in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14067 and DIN EN ISO 14044, taking into account the GHG Protocol.