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Make heavy things lighter - Be smart make it Lightweight TPE Take the challenge and see how you can make heavy things lighter with Thermoplastic Elastomers from KRAIBURG TPE in cooperation with 3M™
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3D printing also suitable for super-soft TPE compounds Fused deposition modelling with 3D printers using thermoplastic elastomers from KRAIBURG TPE
TEHs are the alternative to common rubber solutions New technology platform for thermoplastic elastomer hybrids (TEHs), to close the performance gap between thermoplastic elastomers and conventional elastomer compounds.
KRAIBURG TPE to introduce the world’s first VDI 2017-compliant compounds for TPE/PA With our new MC/AD/PA THERMOLAST® M series, KRAIBURG TPE launches the first thermoplastic elastomers that not only hold certifications for healthcare applications in accordance with EU and FDA standards but can also be combined directly with polyamides.
KRAIBURG TPE is setting new standards in applications with food contact With its two new compound series, FC/CM1 and FC/CM2, KRAIBURG TPE meets the most important set of rules on applications with food contact: Commission Regulation (EU) No 10/2011 and Code of Federal Regulations Title 21 (21CFR) of the U.S. Food ...
凯柏胶宝彩色热塑性弹性体让您的业务开颜展色 凯柏胶宝彩色热塑性弹性体具有让您的业务开颜展色的可能性
Brighten up your Business with our colored TPE KRAIBURG TPE offers you the possibility to brighten up your Business with our colored TPE
KRAIBURG TPE: How do Thermoplastic Elastomers become a part of your daily life. Are you looking for a Specialist in thermoplastic Elastomer Compounding?
Then you will love this video in which we present our company, KRAIBURG TPE,
We are globally acting as a competence leader for thermoplastic elastomer compounds. We offer to ...

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