Lightweight TPE

Extremely lightweight for sophisticated components in various markets



advantages at a glance

The new lightweight TPEs can be processed cost-effectively using established injection-molding machines and extruders

Lightweight TPE can be used across industries for weight-saving applications


  • Ideal for automotive applications
  • Use with power tools, in aviation or with drones
  • Diverse application possibilities in sports and leisure articles such as protectors of all kinds, ski and cross-country skiing equipment or travel accessories  
  • Thick-walled, lightweight components possible
  • Well suited for sealing applications

Your advantages

  • Low density up to 0.7 g/cm³
  • Excellent homogeneous surface - without foaming
  • Adhesion to polypropylene or polyamide
  • Low compression set
  • Reduced shrinkage
  • Low warpage
  • Injection molding and extrusion possible
  • Recyclable



  • THERMOLAST® K LW/UV (lightweight + UV resistance) specifically for exterior vehicle components
  • THERMOLAST® K LW/CS/UV (lightweight + increased compression set + UV stability) with excellent resilience and adhesion to polypropylene, making this product series particularly suitable for various sealing applications
  • THERMOLAST® K LW/PA (lightweight + adhesion to polyamides), also with HB nonflammability classification in accordance with UL94; ideal for power tools, for example
Fact Sheet Lightweight TPE for industry applications Seals, wall ducts, handles and overmoldings: Lightweight TPE by KRAIBURG TPE is a lightweight material solution with excellent compression set and adhesion to polyamides or polyolefins. pdf / 0,79 MB
Fact Sheet Lightweight TPE for automotive applications Door sealing systems, cowl sealings, window encapsulations, , anti-rattle-seals and roof rail mats: Lightweight TPE from KRAIBURG TPE has been carefully tested for UV and weather resistance and is ideal for outdoor applications, among others. pdf / 1,15 MB
Fact Sheet Lightweight TPE Materials for consumer goods Personal protective equipment, seals, design and functional elements: Lightweight TPE from KRAIBURG TPE facilitates a colorful range of everyday applications, has low warpage as well as reduced shrinkage, and can be processed with common injection molding and extrusion units. pdf / 0,72 MB

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Some of the grades are already tested according to UL94 HB and passed successfully. Therefore listing would be possible on request.

Beside the weight factor properties like CS, long term relaxation, noise absorbtion, wheathering resistance are deciding properties. Our LW TPE shows especially advantage in terms of more cost effective process, easier & better bonding to Corner Molding TPE and recycling possibilities.

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