Extremely lightweight for sophisticated components in various markets

Want to save weight while protecting the environment?  The solution is Lightweight TPE. Applications in the industrial, automotive and consumer sectors benefit from a lower carbon footprint and increased energy efficiency


Weight reduction up to

  • 35 % compared to standard TPS
  • 30 % compared to TPV
  • 50 % compared to PVC



  • Adhesion to polyolefinic materials (e.g. PP, TPV, TPS) in injection molding and coextrusion (LW/UV Series)
  • Excellent compression set
  • Reduced shrinkage and warpage of parts
  • Closed and uniform surface structure
  • Matted surface
  • Compounds available in black colors, natural and precolored variants possible



  • Exceptionally well-suited for sealing applications: unique compression set comparable to EPDM
  • Ideal for automotive applications
  • Power tools, in aviation or with drones
  • Diverse application possibilities in sports and leisure articles such as protectors of all kinds
  • Ski and cross-country skiing equipment or travel accessories  
  • Thick-walled, lightweight components possible
  • Well suited for sealing applications

Specific MATERIAL PROPERTIES for the Automotive Sector


  • Thoroughly tested for UV- and weathering resistance
    • 2 year-cycle Florida testing (PV3930): passed
    • 2 year-cycle Kalahari testing (PV3929): passed
  • 35 – 90 Shore A while maintaining an excellent compression set 
  • Reduction of cycle time in injection molding is possible
  • Self-lubricating modification as a substitute for lubricant varnish



3M was founded in 1902 in Minnesota, USA, and is one of the most innovative companies in the world today. The multi-technology company is represented in over 190 countries. The basis for its innovative strength is the diverse use of 51 proprietary technology platforms. Today, the portfolio includes 60,000 different products for almost every area of life. KRAIBURG TPE has already been working in partnership with 3M since 2019. In 2020, KRAIBURG TPE introduced Lightweight TPE, a solution for industrial and automotive applications that uses 3M™ Glass Bubbles.


whitepaper: TPE lightweight technology with superior sealing properties
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In close coordination with the OEM and its system supplier GTG, KRAIBURG TPE offers the ideal solution with thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) from its new lightweight technology.
In comparison to commonly used alternatives, the trend-setting TPE technology delivers several advantages at once. For more or in-depth information, make sure to download the new Whitepaper today. 

As a reader, you will benefit from:

  • An exclusive customer success story 
  • New figures and measurements of the ultra-lightweight TPE solution
  • Further USPs and advantages of Lightweight TPE compared to thermoplastic vulcanizates (EPDM/PP)

Matthias Michl | Head of Automotive Application Development

These new, innovative THERMOLAST® K Lightweight TPE materials show not only a significant weight reduction but also present an extraordinarily good compression set. Moreover, they can be processed in two-component injection molding with either polyolefins or polyamides

Matthias Michl | Head of Automotive Application Development

Do you have a question?

You might find your answer here, among the most frequently asked questions about Lightweight TPE:

How do the light weight grades perform vs flame retardancy? For e-mobility possible requirements etc.

Some of the grades are already tested according to UL94 HB and passed successfully. Therefore listing would be possible on request.

What are the deciding technical properties other than light weight we need to consider for exterior seal application when we choose between EPDM and TPE?

Beside the weight factor properties like CS, long term relaxation, noise absorbtion, wheathering resistance are deciding properties. Our LW TPE shows especially advantage in terms of more cost effective process, easier & better bonding to Corner Molding TPE and recycling possibilities.


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Fact Sheet Lightweight TPE for automotive applications Door sealing systems, cowl sealings, window encapsulations, , anti-rattle-seals and roof rail mats: Lightweight TPE from KRAIBURG TPE has been carefully tested for UV and weather resistance and is ideal for outdoor applications, among others. pdf / 0,76 MB
Fact Sheet Lightweight TPE for industry applications Seals, wall ducts, handles and overmoldings: Lightweight TPE by KRAIBURG TPE is a lightweight material solution with excellent compression set and adhesion to polyamides or polyolefins. pdf / 0,78 MB
Fact Sheet Lightweight TPE Materials for consumer goods Personal protective equipment, seals, design and functional elements: Lightweight TPE from KRAIBURG TPE facilitates a colorful range of everyday applications, has low warpage as well as reduced shrinkage, and can be processed with common injection molding and extrusion units. pdf / 0,72 MB

Be smart -  make it lightweight!

Take the challenge and see how you can make heavy things lighter with Thermoplastic Elastomers from KRAIBURG TPE in cooperation with 3M™ 


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