Any product that comes into contact with drinking water has to fulfil certain standards and tests. Our TPEs perform well and meet the requirements of society and customers of today and tomorrow.

Compliance with regulations necessitates secure and smart solutions. Our Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPEs) are certified as nonhazardous, guaranteeing water purity and health. These materials enable impeccable hygiene and adhere to top technical standards such as KTW-BWGL, WRAS, and ACS, making them ideal for applications related to drinking water.

The Drinking Water (DW) series is your material solution for applications in contact with drinking water. The compounds are approved in accordance with all relevant European drinking water standards. They are available in natural colors and can be colored in many different ways.

Processing Method: Injection Molding, Extrusion
Color / RAL Design: Natural

  • TPEs designed for use in contact with drinking water
  • Approvals in accordance with KTW-BWGL, WRAS and ACS
  • Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011
  • Top kinking behavior
  • Excellent adhesion to PP
  • Colored compounds with relevant approvals
  • Smooth surfaces resistant to dirt and scaling
  • For Hoses: PVC replacements 


Hartmut Arheidt | Specialist for Drinking Water Applications | Market Manager Industry

We have passed the tests according to KTW-BWGL. Our TPE shows suitability for many types of hose applications. Sample material is available to our customers and interested parties at any time.

Hartmut Arheidt | Specialist for Drinking Water Applications | Market Manager Industry

TPE for Hoses for Drinking Water


  • KTW-BWGL for cold 23°C and warm 60°C water
  • Increase in mechanical properties by up to 50%
  • PVC replacement for hoses
  • Top kinking behavior
  • Colorable
  • Hardness from 70 Shore A to 40 Shore D in 5 Shore steps available
  • Adhesion to PP
  • Smooth and uniform surface
  • WRAS and ACS: in progress
Fact Sheet | TPE for Hoses for Drinking Water: Meeting the new KTW-BWGL Standard Download pdf / 0,52 MB

Hot Water TPE: For Cold, Warm and Hot Water Applications 


  • KTW-BWGL for cold 23°C, warm 60°C and hot water 85°C coming soon
  • Very good compression set at higher temperatures
  • Improved flow behavior
  • Improved demolding properties
  • Colorable
  • Hardness from 55 Shore A to 35 Shore D
  • Adhesion to PP and PE
  • Optimized for injection molding
  • P1 and P2 certification
Fact Sheet | Hot Water TPE: Meeting the new KTW-BWGL Standard Download pdf / 0,71 MB

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