TPE with recycled or bio-based content

Sustainable TPE Solutions: High-quality and reliable TPE solutions with recycled or bio-based content. Currently, the product group comprises compounds for the consumer goods sector and industrial applications as well as the highly regulated automotive sector.

Recycling Content TPE 


Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPEs) with Recycled Content from Post-Industry and/or Post-Consumer Waste Streams



Available immediately and worldwide: Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPEs) that have a variable proportion of renewable raw materials

Exterior Post Industrial Recycling TPE 


This series excels at automotive applications and contains 20-40 % of post-industrial recycled materials.

Oliver Zintner | CEO at KRAIBURG TPE

KRAIBURG TPE considers sustainability as a vital element for the company‘s long-term existence and success. KRAIBURG TPE recently introduced sustainability as a further core competence. This means that everyone takes responsibility for today‘s actions with an eye toward the future and continual focus on environmental responsibility, social impacts and good governance.

Oliver Zintner | CEO at KRAIBURG TPE

Focus on recycled or bio-based raw materials


  • Solutions make a significant contribution to meeting sustainable quotas
  • Very high percentage of recycled or bio-based material 
  • All products are "Ready for In-Process Recycling”



  • Proven high product quality, delivery reliability and support by KRAIBURG TPE 
  • Customers of KRAIBURG TPE receive information about the product carbon footprint 
  • Product solutions meet the required certifications for designated applications 



  • Processing by multi-component injection molding 
  • Good flowability and mechanical properties
  • Reproduction of a very wide range of colors on customer request 


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