Sustainable TPE Solutions

THERMOLAST® R - TPE with Recycled Content

THERMOLAST® R – Sustainable TPE Solutions: High-quality and reliable TPE solutions with recycled content. Currently, the product group comprises compounds for the consumer goods sector and industrial applications as well as the highly regulated automotive sector.

Your advantages at a glance

Sustainability in the automotive, industry and consumer sectors.

Focus on recycling

  • Solutions make a significant contribution to meeting recycling quotas
  • Very high percentage of recycled material 
  • All products are "Ready for In-Process Recycling”


  • Proven high product quality, delivery reliability and support by KRAIBURG TPE 
  • Customers of KRAIBURG TPE receive information about the product carbon footprint 
  • Short transport distances and quality "Made in Germany”
  • Product solutions meet the required certifications for designated applications 


  • Processing as a single-component component
  • Compound with propylene at a high level 
  • Good flowability and mechanical properties
  • Reproduction of a very wide range of colors on customer request 
Oliver Zintner | CEO at KRAIBURG TPE

Sustainability is essential for the long-term survival and success of the company. Therefore, KRAIBURG TPE will establish sustainability as another core competence by the end of 2023. This means that all employees take responsibility for their current actions with a view to the future, and are aware of their obligation to the environment, social issues and responsible corporate governance.

Oliver Zintner | CEO at KRAIBURG TPE

Product Carbon Footprint 

KRAIBURG TPE observes that the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) is increasingly establishing itself as a competitive differentiating criterion that provides customers with verified information about the climate impact of their purchasing decisions. The PCF calculation method is defined by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and by various ISO standards. 

Taking into account and strictly adhering to the valid calculation method for the Cradle-to-Gate system boundary, the customer is informed about the PCF value of the purchased TPE. For more information on the calculation and general information on PCF, customers can contact their sales representative. 

Josef Neuer | Head of Product Management EMEA at KRAIBURG TPE

Especially in the case of bio-based, the search for raw materials and qualification of sources is a key issue with challenges. We are confident that we will master these. Customers and interested parties can look forward to 2023, as in all likelihood the new products will be launched in the course of the year.

Josef Neuer | Head of Product Management EMEA at KRAIBURG TPE