Take the lead through quality that is guaranteed.


Meeting all your needs is the standard we set ourselves To ensure the best possible level of customer satisfaction, we have developed a quality-assurance approach that covers the products, processes, and people involved.

raw materials are constantly checked


Our experienced employees maintain meticulous quality control of all raw material supplies and suppliers. We choose to work with vendors who champion our same values of protecting the enviornment while delivering a sustainable product.

samples are taken at regular intervals


During the entire production process, samples are taken at regular intervals and carefully tested in our own laboratories at all sites.

finished goods are checked


In addition, the finished goods are checked at the end of the production process before they are allowed to leave the premises.

Systems are computer controlled and monitored


Our sophisticated systems are computer controlled and monitored, which ensures that the processes are running reliably on a permanent basis.


  • Test methods and evaluation procedures are state-of-the-art

  • Global comparability through standards-based materials testing

  • Tests according to individual specifications by customers and OEMs and to established test methods

  • In-house and external inter-laboratory tests for further quality assurance

  • Regular internal and external audits and certifications according to ISO 9001

  • Flexible delivery in due time by strictly separating the testing of raw materials and finished goods, and the research and development department

  • Our own injection molding machine in the application technology department

  • Laboratory information and management system for managing and archiving all test data

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