TPEs for a new breed of farm technology

KRAIBURG TPE offers the THERMOLAST® K series compounds for industry-compliant agricultural applications, including equipment for pest control, planting, watering, weeding and harvesting.

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TPEs make the grade in photography equipment

KRAIBURG TPE offers the THERMOLAST® K GP/FG and For Tec E® AD/PAX/CR series compounds for soft-touch and easy coloring advantages in camera accessory applications.

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Sonic toothbrush: Superior TPEs for oral hygiene

KRAIBURG TPE, a recognized global manufacturer in superior TPE compounds supplied the THERMOLAST® K TPE for the production of the sonic toothbrush manufactured by Malaysia-based Ameba Products.

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AZLA earpieces hit the right notes with KRAIBURG TPE

South Korea-based audio devices company AZLA has produced its earpieces from thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) compounds and co-branded it with KRAIBURG TPE, a recognized global leader in superior TPE compounds. The material provides excellent processability and ensures high wearing comfort.

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