TPEs power-up gaming accessories

KRAIBURG TPE offers its THERMOLAST® K compound solutions for soft-touch, durability, and safety at play for gaming accessories applications.

Social distancing has changed many aspects of what we do, and several activities have shifted from in-person to online. With more people staying indoors and always finding a balance between work and leisure, video games have become even more popular amongst people from different age groups.

Far from the harmful reputation video games have had, recent studies confirm the benefits for mental health and general wellbeing. Aside from providing relief from stress, healthy mental stimulation, manual dexterity and improving problem solving skills, to cite a few, video gaming is included in physical and psychological therapy programs in the healthcare space.

Video games have also evolved with technological advances such as 5G networking, cloud platforms; artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR)-based apps, providing an immersive experience. New sophisticated peripherals such as gamepads, keyboards, controllers, joysticks and headsets are continuously being developed to meet the gaming requirements for speed and accuracy. 

KRAIBURG TPE, a global TPE manufacturer, offers the THERMOLAST® K VS/AD/HM and For Tec E® AD/PAX/CR series that match the critical requirements for gaming accessories and to ensure the desired performance. 

Non-slip, oil-free grip    
KRAIBURG TPE’s THERMOLAST® K VS/AD/HM is touted for applications in gaming accessories, such as gaming headsets, controllers and joysticks. It is able to deliver excellent resistance to skin oil, sunscreens and grease.  

The range of compounds also allow for a soft-touch and velvety-surface feel, and at the same time meet the good abrasion and scratch resistance characteristics required for applications like thumb wheels, buttons, and switches on gaming consoles to ensure hours of comfortable play for video gamers.
This series also has good adhesion to polar thermoplastics such as PA6 and PA12 as well as PC, ABS, PC/ABS, ASA and SAN, allowing for flexibility in product development.  
Furthermore, it has been taken care during development of these materials for the halogen content to meet requirements of WEEE guideline on electric and electronic devices.

Durability with excellent adhesion
To cope with different types of video games, video game developers, designers and manufacturers are continuously sourcing for materials to suit their requirements.

KRAIBURG TPE’s For Tec E® AD/PAX/CR series is suitable to be applied as seals for gaming accessories, such as gaming keyboards, game console housings and on display screens.   

The For Tec E® AD/PAX/CR series has good resistance to skin oil, sunscreens and olive oil too, allowing it to be suitable as application on gaming consoles and accessories.

Another benefit is its good adhesion to PA6 and PA6.6, with up to 50% glass fiber; PA12, as well as to partially aromatic polyamides (PAX) and polyacrylamides (PARA). 

Versatile coloration and flammability-safety
As is required in the gaming sector, coloration is essential in identifying features of gaming parts. 

KRAIBURG TPE’s THERMOLAST® K VS/AD/HM and For Tec E® AD/PAX/CR series of compounds are available in natural color and black, and can also be colored as per requirements of manufacturers.
Furthermore, both series have passed the UL 94 HB flammability test, which guarantees a reduction in the risk of fire in electronic/electrical applications.

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