Solutions with Thermoplastic Elastomers

As a global leader in the manufacture and production of thermoplastic elastomer compounds, we offer customized solutions for soft, elastic TPE. Custom engineered with precision, our products conform to meet the specific needs of our customer's applications.



Our mission is to provide products that improve the world in which we live. Our custom-engineered TPE compounds make people’s everyday life and work safer, more sustainable and more comfortable. KRAIBURG TPE is a global competence leader in thermoplastic elastomer compounds. We operate a strong network with state-of-the-art production sites in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region and the Americas.



Constantly developing new, trendsetting products forms part of our tradition, as we are among the pioneers in TPE development and our wealth of knowledge is therefore unique.

This comprehensive expertise is also helping us to strengthen and expand our status as a driving force for innovation. In the process, we can rely on more than 30 years of experience with this material.



Our top priority is to provide the highest possible level of customer satisfaction. To achieve this, we offer our customers quality and reliability. We guarantee that even specially manufactured products will continue to be available in constant and unvarying quality.
Along with our products, our service also aims to contribute to customers’ success. We therefore provide support at all stages of a project upon request. This principle of close customer relations and partnership applies worldwide – particularly in the form of personal advice and support.



The plastics industry, in particular, requires that companies conduct business ethically and responsibly. Regardless of whether dealing with customers, partners, employees, society, or environmental resources, KRAIBURG TPE adheres to excellence across the board. From safety measures and internal programs that boost health and job satisfaction of our employees, to integrated quality and management systems, we go above and beyond to perform better than our competition.

Our code of conduct and compliance guidelines, as well as quality, environmental protection, occupational safety and health, energy policies reflect our pledge to operational excellence in all aspects of the business.



We are aware of our responsibility towards our fellow human beings and the environment and act accordingly. For many years we have therefore been setting ourselves ambitious goals to promote climate and environmental protection at KRAIBURG TPE in the long term. We take into account issues such as resource conservation, energy management, recycling, bio-based raw materials and much more.

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