Advantages at a glance

Well established in various pharmaceutical and medical applications.

Optimum safety ensured by the medical service package

  • Guarantee of optimum raw material purity
  • Long-term raw material availability guaranteed
  • TPEs fall below the usual market limits for heavy metals and phthalates and are free of latex and PVC


Outstanding mechanical properties

  • 10 Shore A to 55 Shore D
  • Excellent resealing properties
  • Optimum sealing


Cost-effective molding process and short cycle time for injection and two-component injection molding and extrusion techniques

  • No finishing (deburring) required for components


Can be sterilized using customary methods – EtO gas, superheated steam, γ-gamma ray treatment , β-ray (electron beam) treatment

  • Translucent and transparent compounds
  • Various medical coloring options available in-house

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