When used in automotive interiors, TPEs assure surfaces are attractive and feel good to the touch. They improve soft-touch elements as well as reduce annoying rattling and creaking noises when used for damping elements. Our low-emission TPE solutions meet the high OEM requirements for automotive interior applications.

Interior Post-Industry Recycling TPE

With a hardness-dependent post-industrial recycling (PIR) content of up to 38%, the new Interior PIR TPEs offer a compliant and ready-to-use material solution for automotive interiors. The compounds meet the requirements of OEMs and their suppliers, and make a significant contribution to meeting recycling quotas. 



  • Meets common interior requirements for emissions, fogging and odor
    • Emission VDA 278 VOC, Fog
    • Fogging DIN 75201-B
    • Odor VDA 270 B-3
  • Good abrasion behavior
  • High flowability
  • Low density
  • Adhesion to PP
  • Hardness range 60-80 Shore A

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Application areas


  • Shelf mats
  • Floor mats
  • Cup holders
  • Thumb wheels/sliders
  • Cable sleeves
  • Buffering and damping elements
  • Gearshifts
  • Adjusting levers for steering wheels and seats
  • HVAC lamella sealings
  • Door sill panels



Properties of these special TPEs are:

  • Low emission values and compliance with OEMs’ odor requirements
  • Adhesion to PP, ABS, ABS/PC, PA, PMMA
  • Dry and visually appealing surfaces with an optimized touch
  • Precise material color matching
  • UV resistance; special colorfastness
  • Consistent high-quality surface feel

OEM approvals include:


  • DBL 5562 (Mercedes-Benz) 
  • VW 50123 (VW)
  • GS 93042 (BMW)
  • B62 0300 (Stellantis)
  • MS-DC-242 (Stellantis)
  • 03-10-104 (Renault)
  • WSS-M2D507 (Ford)
  • GMW 15702, GMW17374 (GM)

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