In addition to their excellent weather resistance and UV resistance, our TPEs specially developed for automotive exterior applications also feature extremely good, cost-effective processing. Our TPEs enable you to create visually attractive and high-quality surfaces for your applications.

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Application areas


  • Window encapsulations
  • Windshield cowl covers
  • Water deflectors
  • Covers for A/B/C pillars
  • Window sealing systems (corner moldings and end caps)
  • Roof rails base pads
  • Multi-component door sealings
  • Antenna gaskets
  • Steps



Properties of these special TPEs are:


  • Weather and UV resistance
  • Efficient processing in multi-component injection molding, excellent adhesion to PP, ASA, PC, PC/ABS, PMMA, etc.
  • Adhesion to EPDM and TPV
  • High surface quality
  • Low internal mold pressure can be achieved with long flow paths


OEM approvals include:


  • TL 52622, VW 50123 (VW)
  • GMW 16233, GMW 15702 (GM)
  • WSS-M2D505, WSS-M2D517 (Ford)
  • DBL 5562, DBL 5422 (Daimler)
  • GS 93042 (BMW)
  • MS-DC-242 (FCA)

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