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Driven by continuously high demand: product innovation

Creating connections: KRAIBURG TPE extends its portfolio to include electrically conductive TPEs

KRAIBURG TPE is now supplying electrically conductive TPEs with adhesion to polyolefins or polyamides. These sophisticated products complement the THERMOLAST® K portfolio, and with the company’s usual high, consistent quality they represent a convincing innovation. In addition, new and existing customers will benefit from the usual advice and service – everything from a single source.

Innovative applications such as sensors for the automotive industry, electrostatically dissipative components, or smart textiles for sportswear and safety clothes require materials with defined electrical properties. Electrically conductive TPEs open up new opportunities for this type of application with regard to touch qualities, functionality and design. KRAIBURG TPE is taking up the challenge and is now offering two new materials series of conductive TPEs to successfully serve this emerging market. Existing and new customers will benefit not only from the extended product portfolio but also from individual advice and service that is exactly tailored to their needs, no matter what phase a project is in.

The EC series with adhesion to polypropylene provides a resistance of < 101 Ω cm, a hardness of 70–80 Shore A with a density of 0.97–0.99 g/cm3 . The unique EC/PA series with adhesion to polyamides has a resistance of <103 Ω cm and a hardness of 70–80 Shore A with a density of 0.96–0.97 g/cm3 . Both products are available in black.

Customers will benefit from the following characteristics, which both series provide:

  • Excellent electrical conductivity
  • Thermoplastic processability
  • Multicomponent injection molding with excellent adhesion to various thermoplastics
  • Non-sticky surface feel
  • Sealed and homogeneous surfaces


“The functional requirements for TPEs are steadily increasing. Following thorough testing, we have extended our portfolio to include electrically conductive TPEs in order to serve customers from a single source both now and in the future," summarizes Dr. Johannes Krückel, Key Account Manager at KRAIBURG TPE. “We will continue to provide for the classic areas of application, but there’s a clear trend towards new additional applications. We’re therefore expecting electrically conductive TPEs to play an important role in tomorrow’s market and we’re pleased to be able to provide our customers with consistent product quality, along with the usual excellent service for these products as well.”

The two new electrically conductive THERMOLAST® K series from KRAIBURG TPE are now available worldwide.

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21.10.2020gói phương tiện truyền thông cho Creating connections: KRAIBURG TPE extends its portfolio to include electrically conductive TPEs

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