Drinking Water compounds by KRAIBURG TPE

Thermoplastic Elastomers suitable for use in Drinking Water area: Drinking Water series (DW)
Whether around the home or in industry - the compounds of the DW series meet all key requirements for products that are in direct contact with drinking water.

Our drinking water compliant compounds offer exceptional elasticity and a smooth surface texture, when extruding or molding, that prevents dirt and limestone deposits from building during use. In addition, the compounds from KRAIBURG TPE can be easily processed and dyed so that there are virtually no limits with regards to part design, functional requirements or even the color of your part. As all our materials come with the necessary  European drinking water certifications, you will have a free hand with regards to the development of your products in what can be highly compliant sensitive market.

This special range of thermoplastic elastomers from KRAIBURG TPE are mainly used in where drinking water compliance is required and may include plumbing seals, filtration demand, showerheads or even design elements in and around fittings.

Strict Drinking Water Standards are a must
Thanks to our special formulation, our drinking water compliant series meet the requirements of the most important European standards. They include the extremely strict regulations for Germany (DVGW W270) and KTW as well as the standards for Great Britain (WRAS) and France (ACS).

Advantages at a glance
  • Thermoplastic alternative to conventional elastomers
  • Tested and approved by DVGW Work sheet W270 & WRAS (BS 6920), ACS (DGS/VS4 n° 2000/232 from 27.04.00), (DGS/VS4 n° 99/217 from 12.04.99)(DGS/VS4 n° 99/217 from 12.04.99) according to BfR, FDA, KTW
  • Dyed compounds with compliance certificate
  • Excellent elasticity and outstanding mechanical properties
  • Smooth, dirt and lime repellent surface
  • Soft compounds from 55 - 90 ShA available on request
  • Suitable for processing by injection moulding and extrusion
  • Good bonding to PP/PE

More information:
Drinking Water series – the highlight at the FAKUMA 2011 (Press Release)
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