Publication: Apr 08, 2019

Thermoplastic elastomers for vehicle interior

Emissions and odors under control

Numerous automobile manufacturers (OEMs) rely on materials that are as pure as possible when equipping the interior of their vehicles, without harmful emissions or unpleasant odors. Consumers are also increasingly placing higher expectations on the emission and odor characteristics of the installed vehicle interior applications.

We at KRAIBURG TPE have taken a comprehensive approach to the issue of emissions and odor and have examined and analyzed the background with the independent testing institute imat-uve. Based on this know-how, a broad TPE portfolio of automotive interior materials is available for your individual application.

At KRAIBURG TPE you benefit not only from a portfolio of specially developed TPE for automotive interiors, but also from comprehensive support about the factors influencing odor and emission behavior. Not only the formulation has an effect on these properties: Odor and emission of the materials are also influenced during processing and storage at your facilities.

We would be pleased to discuss the possibilities of TPE in automotive interiors with you. Contact our low emission experts and find the ideal solution for your applications.

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