What is TPA material?

Thermoplastic polyamide elastomers  (TPA)

What is TPA material?

Thermoplastic polyamide elastomers (TPA) are block copolymers based on polyamides and ether compounds or polyamides and ester compounds. In the polymer chain, the polyamide (e.g. PA6) represents the hard phase and the ether or ester compounds the soft phases for the elastic properties. TPAs form a subgroup of thermoplastic elastomers.

What properties does a TPA material have?

TPA are based on polyamides, which exhibit good strength and robustness as well as good resistance at elevated temperatures. These properties predestine TPA for use in technical applications such as media-carrying lines or for sports articles such as sports shoes and ski boots.  

How are TPA processed?

Like other groups of thermoplastic elastomers, TPA can be processed by injection molding and extrusion. 

Does KRAIBURG TPE manufacture TPA?

In recent years, KRAIBURG TPE has specialized mainly in the development and production of TPS and TPV products. Currently, KRAIBURG TPE doesn’t offer TPA products.