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Colorful Oximeter Material Elevating Design and Functionality

Introducing KRAIBURG TPE's THERMOLAST® H HC/AP series, an innovative solution tailored to meet the stringent requirements of the medical sector.

Oximeters are essential tools used to measure oxygen levels in the blood, playing a critical role in monitoring patients' well-being, especially in the current healthcare landscape. The need for advanced materials that can elevate the functionality, comfort, and durability of these devices continues to grow each year.

Embarking on a transformative journey in the medical industry, KRAIBURG TPE, a pioneering name in thermoplastic elastomers, is setting new standards for oximeter grip material. This cutting-edge material is poised to redefine the ergonomic design and user experience of oximeters, vital devices in healthcare settings.

Transforming Oximeter Grip with Innovation
Introducing KRAIBURG TPE's THERMOLAST® H HC/AP series, an innovative solution tailored to meet the stringent requirements of the medical sector.

KRAIBURG TPE prioritizes safety and compliance, ensuring the compounds meet rigorous standards. With the introduction of this series, we aim to support medical device manufacturers in creating cutting-edge products that improve patient care and enhance the healthcare experience.

Advantages of THERMOLAST® H HC/AP Series
These materials boast exceptional adhesion properties to PP and PE, ensuring reliable and secure bonding in the construction of oximeter devices. The optimized compression set contributes to the material's durability, ensuring that it maintains its shape and functionality even after extended use. Its colorability allows for creative and customizable oximeter designs to meet market demands.

Furthermore, THERMOLAST® H HC/AP Series contains no animal ingredients, aligning with ethical and regulatory requirements. With compliance to various international regulations and the flexibility of processing methods such as injection molding and extrusion, this material is ideal for crafting high-quality oximeter components that prioritize user comfort and health.

Sustainability successes of our TPEs
KRAIBURG TPE’s recent sustainability innovations include a series of material solutions specially developed for automotive, consumer, consumer electronics, wearables and industry applications. Comprising up to 48% post-consumer recycled (PCR) and 50% post-industrial recycled (PIR) content, the material complies with multiple global standards such as FDA raw material compliance, RoHS and REACH SVHC requirements. KRAIBURG TPE also provides customers with product carbon footprint values.

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