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KRAIBURG TPE to Exhibit at NPE 2024

KRAIBURG TPE will be taking part in NPE 2024, the National Plastics Exposition. This exhibition will take place from May 6-10, 2024, at the Orange County Convention Centre in Orlando, Florida. KRAIBURG TPE will be located at South Hall Booth S28059.

KRAIBURG TPE presents the latest innovations in sustainable TPEs at NPE 2024.

KRAIBURG TPE, the global competence leader in thermoplastic elastomer compounds, will be presenting at NPE 2024 the National Plastics Exposition, the latest innovations in sustainable TPEs with recycle and bio-based content for the automotive, consumer and industry market. This exhibition will take place from May 6-10, 2024, at the Orange County Convention Centre in Orlando, Florida. KRAIBURG TPE will be located at South Hall Booth S28059.


Custom-Engineered TPE and More
KRAIBURG TPE is a respected specialist in custom-engineered TPE solutions, supplying local support to customers through a distinctive service bundle. The spectrum includes project-tailored advice on TPE compounds, including color and application-specific requirements, processing recommendations, expert advice, and unrivalled customer service. Local and global contact persons ensure a smooth customer management process with short delivery times. All materials are manufactured at production sites in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, and North America, adhering to the same certified quality standards: ISO 9001 and 14001.

Based on specific innovative applications, trade fair visitors can witness the compelling results of KRAIBURG TPE’s customer-oriented strategy, which also includes target applications within the consumer, industry, automotive, and medical markets.

Every three years, the NPE trade show supplies the most visible and impactful event for the plastics industry throughout the Americas, according to Oliver Zintner, CEO of KRAIBURG TPE corporate. “NPE provides us with the best platform to highlight our expertise, technical capabilities, and innovative solutions within the TPE sector. We welcome the opportunity to not only network with key OEMs and processors within the industry but also to address the challenges presented by our customers and show the unique products, services, and global supply options available through KRAIBURG TPE.”

KRAIBURG TPE considers sustainability a vital element for the company’s long-term existence and success. KRAIBURG TPE recently introduced sustainability as a further core competence. This means that everyone takes responsibility for today’s actions with an eye toward the future and continual focus on environmental responsibility, social impacts, and good governance. For that reason, KRAIBURG TPE is proud to present the latest innovations in more sustainable TPE solutions with recycle and bio-based content.

More Sustainable TPE Solutions
KRAIBURG TPE will display its TPE solutions, which incorporate recycled or bio-based content. These more sustainable TPE solutions are of high quality and reliability, catering to a broad range of sectors. The product lineup includes compounds tailored for consumer goods, industrial applications, and the highly regulated automotive sector.

Recycled-Content TPE
TPEs with recycled content are a response to the growing market demand for environmentally friendly materials, incorporating post-industrial and/or post-consumer recycled materials (PIR, PCR). They have been developed specifically to meet the requirements of the American markets, to help customers achieve their sustainability targets.

  • The RC/UV/AM series, designed for automotive exterior applications with adhesion to PP and feature a post-industrial recycled content of 30-50%. These compounds are suitable for UV resistance applications, support carbon footprint reduction, and are available in black. They come in various hardness options ranging from 65 to 90 Shore A.

  • The RC/FG/AM series consists of thermoplastic elastomers with recycled content, designed for automotive interior applications with adhesion to PP. They offer post-industrial recycled content of up to 40%, depending on the desired hardness. These compounds meet the requirements of original equipment manufacturers and their suppliers while supporting carbon footprint reduction and fulfilling emissions, fogging, and odor requirements. They are available in different hardness options ranging from 65 to 85 Shore A.

  • The RC/PCR/AM series is available with post-consumer recycled content of up to 44% and it is designed for applications in the consumer and industrial market. These materials offer multiple usage possibilities for applications requiring adhesion to PP. They come in a wide range of potential hardness options, from 40 to 90 Shore A, and are available in grey, with the possibility to be colored in several ways.


Bio-based TPE
The THERMOLAST® R range has broadened its portfolio with a new line of products derived from renewable raw materials. These bio-based TPEs not only have a lower carbon footprint compared to conventional non-renewable alternatives but also signify a global shift towards materials sourced sustainably. KRAIBURG TPE is committed to reducing reliance on fossil-based compounds, focusing on bio-based thermoplastic elastomers sourced from non-food-market-competitive raw materials. For instance, agricultural by-products or non-edible waste from food production as a feedstock thereby avoiding competition with nutrition security. The company keeps rigorous standards, thoroughly assessing the origins of its raw materials to ensure they align with these sustainable principles.

Using bio-based TPEs can significantly reduce a PCF by up to 50 percent compared to fossil-based TPEs. This PCF refers to the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions, particularly carbon dioxide (CO2), associated with the production, usage, and disposal of a particular product or service. Transparency and understanding the PCF empowers both end customers and processing companies to make informed decisions when selecting materials to produce and market more sustainable products. The new products include solutions such as compounds with adhesion to PP, ABS/PC, and PA within a hardness range between 30 and 85 Shore A. Individual compounds have a bio-content of more than 70%. The materials have undergone rigorous evaluation in both injection molding and extrusion processes, showing processing properties comparable to those of fossil-based TPEs.

For more information on how KRAIBURG TPE Americas can support in enhancing your process and manufacturing of parts, please visit our booth No. S28059!

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