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KRAIBURG TPE’s Sustainable TPE Enters The Oral Care Market

KRAIBURG TPE's newly launched sustainable THERMOLAST® R TPE compound for the Asia Pacific market has made its foray into the toothbrush consumer daily use market; in collaboration with Thailand’s top toothbrush maker The First Thai Brush Co. Ltd.

Undoubtedly, premium environmental toothbrushes with innovative features and aesthetics will gain a larger share of the oral hygiene products market. 

As functionalities and designs must meet the expectations of discerning consumers, advanced materials such as sustainable thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) are good news to the environment.

Team-up with market leader
KRAIBURG TPE, a global TPE manufacturer offering custom-engineered TPE solutions for a wide range of consumer product applications, has recently launched its THERMOLAST® R sustainable TPE for the Asia Pacific market. The TPE series contain up to 35% post-consumer recycled (PCR) content (hardness-dependent).    

The new sustainable TPEs has made its way to the consumer market and is now being used by Thailand's leading toothbrush manufacturer, The First Thai Brush Co. Ltd for its new Victory toothbrush. 

The new sustainable TPE compound provides the properties needed to create cutting-edge toothbrushes in terms of aesthetics, safety, compliance, durability, versatility, and sustainability. Additionally, this material solutions are meet food contact regulatory standards (FDA) CFR21, REACH SVHC, and RoHS.
Moreover, the addition of a sustainable TPE portfolio allows First Thai Brush Co. Ltd to align their commitment to environmental stewardship.

"We've been using KRAIBURG TPE materials since the 1990s and have found them to be a great fit for our toothbrush application”, says Kit Tae, Deputy Managing Director of The First Thai Brush Co. Ltd.

He also added that, “KRAIBURG TPE's team has been extremely helpful with material selection, design optimization, and processing recommendations. Their technical knowledge and customer service are exceptional. We particularly value the materials' versatility, which can be tailored to meet our specific needs. The sustainability of the materials has also impressed us, which aligns with our commitment to environmental responsibility,"

Design and comfort from toothbrush
First Thai Brush Co. Ltd's Victory Toothbrush has soft and thin tapered bristles for deep penetration of tooth and gum lines. 

This Japanese technology wide brush head and longer handles allow the user to reach deeper into their mouth for a more thorough clean. 

The TPE application on the toothbrush handle provides a soft touch and an anti-slip grip, allowing for brushing with a firm hold.  

The compound series, available in translucent and natural colors, includes a variety of color options, including color effects, for greater design flexibility.

Good adhesion with PP
KRAIBURG TPE’s selected sustainable TPEs has good adhesion with PP resin and a hardness range of 30 Shore A to 90 Shore A, providing a variety of options for application requirements. 

Additionally, the TPE series has good mechanical properties, a non-sticky surface, temperature stability up to 80°C, and is used as an alternative material to EPDM, PVC-P, and elastomers.

Sustainability and safety – the way ahead

The selected KRAIBURG TPE sustainable TPE series has been tested and certified to be introduced into the PP and HDPE recycling streams without affecting the recycled thermoplastics properties.  KRAIBURG TPE is currently the only global TPE supplier with this valid EU-wide certification. 

Exclusive Sustainable TPE’s giveaways at CHINAPLAS 2023!
Good news! KRAIBURG TPE will be giving away the latest wide and long special edition of the Victory Toothbrush made by our sustainable TPE at the upcoming CHINAPLAS 2023 exhibition, to be held at the Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center in Shenzhen, China. 

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